The Risks Of Using a Mobile Phone While Driving In Nigeria

Distraction has been identified as a contributing factor in 22% of car crashes  and 71% of truck crashes in Naija.Using a mobile phone while driving is highly distracting and increases your risk of a crash
It’s a widespread practice to use mobile phone for talking or texting or any its applications while driving a car. This wrong behavior wrong has great risks which may end in disastrous consequences. The global statistics in this regard indicate that the most serious traffic accidents happen when someone use his mobile phone while driving .
In spite of the efforts made by the authorities concerned with traffic and prohibiting its use or any of its applications (such as texting, chatting, voice messaging, using camera) while driving, the practices is on the rise, especially after the spread of a number of applications and electronic games on smartphones, more recently. Some even are getting engaged in mobile phones for a longer period while driving, exposing himself and other road users into serious traffic accidents that may leave greater material and human losses.
How do you see this Practice? What are the appropriate solutions to reduce grave practice? Share with us your Suggestion, thoughts and Comments

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