Bauchi governor plans to boost economy, create jobs

Bauchi State Governor Bala Muhammad

The Economic Advisory Committee earlier set up by the newly sworn-in Bauchi State Governor, Sen. Bala Muhammed, on Thursday presented the governor with a blue-print on how to boost the state’s internally generated revenue.

The Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Usman Bugaje, while presenting the document in Bauchi, said the material also contained suggestions that enable the creation of job opportunities in the state.

“What we have here is the economic blueprint that will guide your policies in the next four years.

“We urge you to implement the recommendations in this report with the best hands you can get around.

Agriculture is an area where Bauchi has a comparative advantage to grow faster than others, so we implore you as governor to focus more in this area.

“In the next two years, we are looking at a Bauchi State that will export products to different parts of the world, and that will serve as reference point to other states,’’ said Bugaje.

While receiving the report, the governor promised to work with technocrats, in collaboration with the rivaled sector, in implementing the recommendations.

Muhammed also promised that he would provide the right leadership to enable the harnessing of the abundant agricultural resources in the state.

“I will bring in technocrats to implement this economic blueprint, in collaboration with the private sector, because there is need for partnership to open new frontiers, guided by global best practices.

“We have consulted some of the best technocrats in the country to show us the way; we will continue to do so, even though, sometimes, we will consider political expediency,’’ the governor said.

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