The US To Americans in Nigeria: “Hospitals in the US are overwhelmed”

The US To Americans in Nigeria: “Hospitals in the US are overwhelmed”

Statements from the United States Missions in Nigeria to its Citizens, warn those trying to evacuate to the US on Friday of Stretched health facilities back home, especially for those seeking medical treatment at home. Pointing that a trip back to the US might not necessarily be to their benefit. This is related to the COVID-19 Global health pandemic.

The statement read in parts, “Two flights that were scheduled to depart Lagos on Friday were cancelled due to flight clearance issues in other West African states. The U.S. government immediately took action to redress the situation and the flights have been rescheduled.

“Potential evacuees (should) bear in mind the following considerations in determining if an evacuation flight is in the best interest of you and your family.

United States Missions in Nigeria

This development is closely associated with the United States leading the rest of the world on COVID-19 cases at 347,003(17:00hrs GMT 6th April 2020). COVID-19 Virus Pandemic in Italy showed it the capacity to cripple health systems even in places with the most robust health facilities in the world. Italy ranked No 2 on robust health sector in the world according to World Population Review.

COVID-19 Global Cases By JHU
COVID-19 Global Cases Report April 2020 by Johns Hopkins University

The United States Mission also stated further, “Healthcare systems in many localities in the United States are currently overwhelmed. If you need to seek medical care while in the United States, you will be responsible for all costs not covered by your insurance.

“There are shortages of many basic supplies across the United States, including toilet paper and canned and frozen foods.  Many stores, restaurants, and businesses are closed.

“At this time, Nigerian airports are closed to all commercial international flights.  If you evacuate to the United States, it is unlikely you will be able to return to Nigeria until the Nigerian government reopens the airports and commercial flights resume.”

United States Missions in Nigeria

Nigeria currently has 1 case per million(Tot Cases per million population), while the United States has 1,161 cases per million population.

Ethiopian Airlines on Monday, 6th April 2020 evacuated 385 Americans to Washington DC from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

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