El-Rufai and Austine Opara at Baze University

By Edino Justice

For Nigeria to overcome Unemployment, corruption and tribalism emphasis should be based on merit and not god fatherism. This came to the fore at the inaugural Union debate of Baze University, held in Abuja. The former Minister of the FCT Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and former deputy speaker Austine Opara led the debate.

The debate was entitled ‘Getting Jobs in Nigeria Depend on who you know.’ Austine Opara who led three other students in the University supported the motion while Mallam Nasir El-Rufai led three other students in the opposition.

Mr. Olujimi Adekahunsi who represented the Minister of Labour and Productivity urged students and graduates to in addition to academics, take up technical and vocational training so as to be job givers and not job seekers. While Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed who is the Pro-Chancellor of the University said the debate is to sharpen students’ analytical skills.

Baze University established in 2011 focuses on providing British Standard Education in Nigeria.

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