Nigeria Launches E-Curriculum Portal

By Franca Uzoma-Olua










Nigeria is gradually moving from the classical method of learning to digital method for global best practices.


Ezenwo Wike, Minister of State, Education










Nigerian Education Research and Development Council E-curriculum Portal has been launched by the Minister of State for Education. As part of governments efforts to keep pace with  the fast growing trend of ICT in education, the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, NERDC developed an e-curriculum portal for basic schools


Prof Godswill Obioma, Director General NERDC











The project is a web based efficient curriculum management solution for primary and secondary schools.

The Minister of state, Education Ezenwo Wike said teachers in Nigeria now have the opportunity to prepare good lesson note, learn new and effective methods of teaching, as well as improve their delivering capacities through collaborative teaching resources that the portal would provide on a continues basis.


Cros Section of Stakeholders











The e-curriculum will provide online access to a subscribed school national curriculum in all subjects offered at the Senior Secondary education level.

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