Scholars & Professionals Call For Change In Mass Comm Curriculum


By Edino Joshua Justice


In view of modern trends that are reshaping the mode of communication across the globe, Curriculum Planners of Mass Communication Studies in our Tertiary Institutions have been urged to move beyond the  traditional methods of teaching and learning by changing the curriculum to accommodate modern trends in communication so as to make the mass communication graduates employable. This came to the fore at the Inaugural Conference of the Association of Communication of Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria, ACSPN, held in Abuja. Correspondent, Edino Justice reports that the conveners say the body will facilitate and complement the pursuit of excellent scholarly study and practice of communication in Nigeria. Issues of insurgency, ethnicity, multi-multiculturalism-and conflicts reportage in multi-linguistics areas like Nigeria call for synergies among the communication scholars and practitioners to shape a future that will promote growth and development. It is for this purpose that the association of communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria ACSPN, gathered top researchers, the academics and the media practitioners in Abuja to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in the industry. The inaugural conference which attracted veteran communicators who discussed topics such as reporting conflicts in multicultural Nigeria, reporting and representation of power play in the media.

vlcsnap-86680 Professor Umaru Pate delivered a lecture on reporting conflicts in multicultural Nigeria. In their messages the speakers agreed that with modern trends, there was the need to use communication to build a strong diversified but a united Nigeria. The Association was founded in 2012 as a body of scholars and professionals to advance the study and practice of communication in Nigeria.


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