NIPSS To Come Up With Policies To Reposition Education Sector In The Country

NIPSS To Come Up With Policies To Reposition  Education Sector In The Country

The members are the standing group at the National University Commission.The mission of this group is to review the functions of the NUC, the Regulatory Agency of the Nigerian Universities.

The Executive Secretary of the commission,Prof.Julius Okojie says for the Regulatory Agency to function effectively there has to be adequate funding, he also charged Stake Holders in Nigerian Universities that they should take the responsibilities of re branding the Universitiers upon them selves for the betterment of Nigerian Universities and for it to compete with other top universities in the world.

Teacher Education and Motivations formed major issues of discussion at the National Commission for colleges of Education as another study group visited the commission.The Study Group Director,Air C”dre Emma Jekada says the commission has done well to put before them all what they do and what they encounter in the process of carrying out the functions.Also, one of the participants, Adamu Jatau Noma says so many challenges have been identify and so many recommendations have been proffered with implementation strategies.The National Commission For Colleges Of Education has the mandate to produce quality teachers at the basic education sub-sector.

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