Emeka, 19 Years Old Invent “Waste To Wealth Machine”

As refuse and filth pile up in different communities of the country, it has become a concern to both inhabitants and the Government as it spread diseases and endanger the lives of those residing nearby, maintaining the neatness of these communities has also cost the Government huge sum of money in different instances.

A 19years old Emeka Nelson a student of community secondary school Umuorbu Awka in Anambra south East Nigeria has proffered a solution to disposal of waste and most interestingly creating wealth in the process. His innovation “a waste to wealth machine” recycles non biodegradable wastes like polythene, plastic etc. the machine converts these waste to refineable oil from which petrol kerosene and diesel can be gotten.

Emeka Nelson is one among several other students from across Nigeria who participated in the 2015 edition of the NTA ETV art, science and technology exhibition. also worth noting is the designs and prototypes of cars vans and many other produced by other students in the exhibition.

Brilliant young minds as Emeka Nelson’s is what our communities needs and should promote as the working principles of his machine leaves us only with useful bye-products from which interlocks for construction purposes can be made.

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