TRCN: Nigerian School Teachers Too Need To Write Regular Exams

TRCN: Nigerian School Teachers Too Need To Write Regular Exams

Should School Teachers who prepare our leaders of tomorrow too write exams? The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) believes they too should write regular qualification exams. We the citizens believe they should. According to Modupe Seriboh(Abuja, NAN), TRCN on Tuesday said that the first professional qualifying exam for teachers would hold in September.

The council said it had registered no fewer than 1.6 million teachers.

Registrar of the council, Prof. Olusegun Ajiboye, said the examination is designed to fully professionalise teaching in Nigeria.

“The Registration Council will put a stop to normal registration by end of May and ensure that only those qualified are employed by the government for quality assurance.


“By end of 2017, Nigerian children will be taught by only qualified professional teachers who can deliver the quality education desirous for the elevation of our children and our country.

“Professionalism ‎is the key, those who do not have what it takes cannot be trusted with the lives of our children.

“We are out to ensure a guaranteed future for our children because they are the leaders of tomorrow and we can only achieve this by ensuring that those who teach them are the best around.

“This will translate to higher performances and better value for professional teachers.

“The professional examination takes place by September ending and it is the first of its kind.”

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