Kaspersky Lab: “93℅ Nigerian Children Visit Communication Sites With Parental Controls”

About 93 percent of Nigerian children visit communication sites such as social media, messengers or e-mails with computers that have parental controls switched on, a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, has said.

The company gave the figure in a statement signed by its web content analyst, Ms. Anna Larkina.

“Kids in different countries have different interests and online behaviours, but what links them all is their need to be protected online from potentially harmful content.

“Children looking for animated content could accidentally open a porn video; they could start searching for innocent videos and unintentionally end up on websites containing violent content.

“Both can have a long-term impact on their impressionable and vulnerable minds,”Larkina said.

According to her, the second most popular category of websites visited in Nigeria by these users are software, audio and video.

She said that in Nigeria, websites with such content became more popular since last year.

“It is important for parents not to leave their children’s digital activities unattended to because there’s a big difference between care and obtrusiveness.

“While it is important to trust your children and educate them about how to behave safely online, even your good pieces advice cannot protect them from something unexpectedly showing up on the screen.

“That is why advanced security solutions are key to ensuring children have positive online experiences, rather than harmful ones,” Larkina said.

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