NSA Media Workshop on Terrorism

By Edino Justice

The one day workshop with the theme “Effective Understanding and Reporting of Terrorism by the Mass Media: A Constructive Approach” had papers presented by Islamic Scholars, Academia and Security Operatives.

Dr. Auwal Anwar who gave a historical perspective of religious revolt from the Maitatsine to Boko Haram said the collapse of sound religious teachings led to the rise of ignorant people that misinterpret religion. Sheikh bin Othman agreed that religious misinterpretation could lead to manipulation that Islam condoned terrorism.

Other speakers talked on the need to understand insurgents and engage them intellectually. They urged media practitioners to know that the advent of social media had changed the face of journalism forever.

It was emphasized that having children that one cannot maintain is as equal as the sin of abortion.

The organizers say the workshop is designed to acquaint media practitioners on managing terrorism reports.

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