#Pension: Sokoto to pay N2.93bn Pension Arrears

Gov. Tambuwal of Sokoto State
Gov. Tambuwal of Sokoto State

By Bashir Mani

(NAN) Gov. Aminu Tambuwal has approved over N 2.93 billion for the payment of backlog of pensions, death and contract gratuities to no fewer than 1,292 retirees and others.

The Head of the Civil Service (HOS), Dr Buhari Kware told newsmen on Thursday in Sokoto that the payment would be done in phases.

“The first category will involve the payment of N 1.23 billion to 567 living retirees and the next of kin of deceased ones.’’

Kware explained that the first category comprised beneficiaries, who retired between Sept. 2015 and April 2016.

“The figure was initially 588, but only 567 were physically verified by the State Auditor-General as directed by the governor.

“The remaining twenty one retirees who were not physically verified under the first phase would be paid after being duly verified.

“A committee had been set up to commence the payment of the entitlements to all the 567 already verified beneficiaries.’’

Kware stated that the second category comprised 725 beneficiaries and their money stood at N 1.7 billion.

According to the HOS, the second category comprised beneficiaries who retired between May 2016 and Dec.2016.

“The Auditor-General would also physically verify them after which they will be paid their entitlements.

“The benefits of all the deceased retirees would be computed and sent to the State Ministry of Justice for onward payment to their next of kins through the courts.

“The processes being followed are not to make the payment cumbersome, but to ensure probity, diligence, honesty, and accountability.

“This is also to ensure that only those who are supposed to genuinely be paid are paid, hence to avoid any possible pitfalls.”

Kware commended Tambuwal for according priority to the payment of benefits to all retirees.

He also appealed to the beneficiaries to continue to be patient, while cautioning them to be wary of fraudsters.


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