Jonathan Addresses Nigerians in Malabo

By Emma Ekondo

During his visit to Equatorial Guinea, President Goodluck Jonathan told Nigerians living there that the administration is doing what is right for the nation. Explaining also that it will continue warm relations with that country.

Jonathan is the 4th Nigerian Leader to visit the island country. While meeting with Nigerians there, he reminded them that the two countries have come a long way helping each other in challenging times and although President Obiong Mbasago assured him Nigerians are hardworking, his administration encourages them to live peacefully with their hosts and will work to ensure that they are treated well just as he is doing his best at home to satisfy all through economic growth and particularly the Youths notwithstanding the challenges.

As Ambassador Sunday Bassey had indicated, the Embassy facilities need to be upgraded to handle pressing consular services. This was a matter that members of the Nigerian community raised again and again to make their stay or travels back and forth home more comfortable.

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