#BREAKING David Cameron Likely To Step Down on Wednesday For Theresa May

david cameron, british prime minister(PM)

British Prime Minister, David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he will officially step down by Wednesday after Theresa May became the lone candidate in the race to replace him.

This new path in the British Politics, is not unrelated to the dropout of Andrea Leadsom, the Energy Minister, today following criticism on the perceived statement that she is a rookie; leaving the British Home Secretary Theresa May as the sole candidate in the race of who will become the country’s next Prime Minister following #Brexit Referendum. This twist is an usual tale in the British politics – it is very usual for a candidate to run unopposed at this level of leadership of the British government.

In Britain’s parliamentary system of governance, the leader of the ruling party is automatically made prime minister. While Theresa May has not be confirmed as Prime Minister, all signal points to she becoming the next Prime Minister if David Cameron steps down on Wednesday. People on several online media have demanded a general election, stating a fundamental flaw in the parliamentary system of governance.

Fundamental questions however remains, can a leader be democratically chosen when there is only one to chose from?

theresa may

Theresa May, British Home Secretary, Lone Candidate in the British next PM race

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