Baby Without Skull Gets N37 Million

It is usually a joyful moment for families when a baby is born. But for the Olawuyi family, little did they know that they were in for a tough battle for the life of their baby. Why you might ask? Well, she was born without most of her skull. Quite strange isn’t it? Born with a rare medical condition called Congenital Cranial Deficiency – meaning without more than half her skull. Baby Okikijesu is almost three now.

Evicted from their house in Ibadan because of the baby’s medical condition, the parents Belinda and Caleb Olawuyi also resigned from work to take care of the baby they have come to love.

Presentation of the check was highly emotional as Mr. Olawuyi says he personally tried to get rid of the baby because of her condition. For Nuhu Kwajafca, coordinator, Global Initiative for Peace, love and care, it was a dream come true to see that the Olawuyi’s are on their way to the United States for the surgery which he hopes will give baby Okiki-Jesu back her life and as AGE Beeker puts it i’ll show the world some love and save the world from pain.

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