Special on Environment and Health

By Edino Justice

The rainy season is here again, it comes with its challenges like flooding and other environmental problems.

These problems, Abuja Environmental Protection Board, AEPB, says can be tackled if we maintain a clean and healthy environment. The Director of AEPB, Mrs. Aishat Adebayo led one of the clean-up exercises.

  1. The ministry of environment should educate people on fundamental environmental imperatives using air jingles and that could save the nation not a few headaches and its as simple as that. Not many people are aware of the causes and implications of slash, burn agric,denudative mining,greenhouse gas generating habits that multiply the carbon footprints, or wood burning habits unfortunately linked more to ignorance than poverty,, etc nor the climate change implied consequences of all these.Many dont know that they are erecting buildings on flood plains,not until they find their feet getting wet. During the dry seaon it is as if the abuja to kogi and edo state highway roadside bushes have been totally set on fire by rabbit hunters and uninformed slash,burn farmers.There is much to educate and learn from the airconditioned executives of gas flaring oil companies to the market women sweltering in the hot sun.Unfortunately the media hardly educates people.Most of the time it is rambling preposterouus power politics or unending sports rave that signify the bankruptcy of the minf


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