Mrs. Obaseki Pays Christmas Visit to Patients and Babies in Hospitals


Wife of Edo State Governor, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki, in the spirit of Christmas, visited three specialist hospitals in Benin, offset the medical bills of some patients as she facilitated with others wishing them speedy recovery.

Mrs Obaseki, on Sunday, celebrated with patients, especially children at the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Central hospital and the University of Benin teaching Hospital, all in Benin respectively.

At the Stella Obasanjo hospital, Benin, she  offered to pay the medical bill of an unconscious child as she celebrated Christmas with newly born babies children and patients in the various wards.

In her remarks, Mrs. Obaseki said, “That’s what life is all about, to make ourselves instruments in God’s hands, to be used to bless other human beings.

“Whatever we do, it’s God that is doing it, not human beings. To me, it is a privilege and opportunity to be used by God’s hand. I am very glad to find myself in that position. I thank God for everything,” she said,

The governor’s wife, was also at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital where she commended the management for the commendable hygiene and high sanitary condition of the environment

Mrs. Obaseki said she was delighted to visit the patients and babies on Christmas day, adding that “I am very pleased to be here. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

“I have to commend the hospital; this is like being at home. No smell of anything foul or vile or unpleasant.

“It’s highly commendable and for a big hospital as yours, second largest in the country, and you are keeping the standard so high. Please keep it up, and well done, sir.

“ Congratulations on that. “By God’s grace, when next i visit, I want to see the standard improving. You have done well, but there is always room for improvement.

“I will be looking forward to coming here every year and enjoy as I have enjoyed today,’’ she said.

Dr. Isaac Omorogiuwa , the Medical Director of Stella Obasanjo Hospital, while thanking the wife of the Governor for the visit, thanked er for te magnanimity for paying the medical bills of the unconscious patient.

He said, “I want to say on behalf of the management of this hospital that we appreciate your coming. More importantly, her Excellency has just informed me that she would foot the bill of that unconscious child.

“This goes to show your magnanimity and human kindness. We appreciate you.”

At the UBTH, its Chief Medical Director, Prof. Mike Ibadin, who thanked Mrs. Obaseki for attending the Christmas party,  said the essence of the event was to share the joyous moment with patients who could not celebrate in their homes.

He said, “What we are doing today, the essence is for us to share the joyous moment with patients in the wards, who for circumstances beyond their control are compelled to do their Christmas in the wards.

“At the ward you have just visited is one of the maternity wards. The hospital is an 860 bedded-ward hospital, the second largest in the country.

“We are happy this is your first official assignment here. So, we wish you well, and we hope and pray that by this time next year, you have occasion to repeat an event like this.”

“The Christmas baby of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital who weighed 2.8kg at birth was born by Mrs. Serah Amadin at 00. 50 in the morning.

At the the Central Hospital, Mrs. Obaseki visited patients, babies and their mothers and shared the joy of Christmas with them with the presentation of gifts to them.

“ Among the babies she visited was the Christmas baby born by Mrs. Anita Okoro, a male delivered at 1.59 am and weighed 3.5 kg at birth.

The Medical Director of the Central Hospital, Benin City Dr. Barry Uwadiae, thanked the wife of the Governor for remembering them at this festive period and expressed gratitude for the gifts she presented to patients, babies and their mothers in the wards.
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