Trains Carry 26000 Passengers Daily in Lagos and Kaduna

Rail Intra City Mass Transit has also recorded tremendous achievement with the movement of an average of 10,000 passengers daily within Lagos alone and another 10,000 within Kaduna State.

Pressure has also reduced on the Nation’s roads with the movement of large scale amounts of wheat, cement, petroleum products and haulage of heavy equipment along the functional rail axis.

The ongoing rehabilitation work on the rail line from Port-harcourt to Maiduguri is expected to be completed by December this year. The standard gauge lines from Ilakpe – Ajaokuta to Warri and Abuja to Kaduna are at various stages of completion.

Within the last few years, 25 new locomotives, 20 oil tanks and 6 modern air conditioned coaches were purchased while 366 coaches and wagons were refurbished among others.

The completion of dredging work at the Niger River has led to an increase in the volume of commercial activities along Ajaokuta – Onitsha route. For instance, over 4.3 million metric tonnes of cargo were conveyed in 2012, up from the 2.9 million metric tonnes in 2011.

Dredging and maintenance work to deepen the Lagos, Bonny and One channels are ongoing to allow for bigger vessels to call or berth.

For the Minister of Information, such achievements within a space of only 2 years of the Administration can only be described as awesome.

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