Women Affairs Minister at Ministerial Platform

President Goodluck Jonathan’s enabling environment, Minister of Women Affairs said is the icing on the cake for Nigerian women who are given strategic positions in Governance. She said achievements of the Ministry in the Year under review include health interventions, entrenchment of affirmative actions, advocacy and signing of MoU with South Africa, Gambia and Niger for Women’s empowerment in Agriculture and Politics.

In the areas of economic empowerment she said the Ministry has completed 24 out of its 77 skills acquisition centre awaiting commissioning, skills acquisition for 500 female persons with disabilities as well as collaboration with Bank of Agriculture and States in rural empowerment that has provided over 6000 jobs in poultry and farming for about 5,500 women groups.

Children she said were not left out as the child rights law has been passed in 23 States and implemented in 13 States and President Jonathan approval for resumption of work on the National Children Resource Centre.

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