Road Pavement Workshop

Nigeria has a total of about 200,000 km of roads, out of which only 39,500 are paved. Though one of the largest in Africa, the road infrastructure in Nigeria needs not only to grow to about 300,000 km in the next five years, but it also needs to be constantly maintained. In particular, the mixture of road pavement across the country has not only caused discomfort, but also dislocated socio-economic activities with attendant increase in vehicle operating costs, travel time and injuries or even loss of lives.

While the Federal Ministry of Works says Government is intensifying it’s policy on Public-Private partnership on road construction. The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology believes that maintenance and preservation of road infrastructure is a crucial National Endeavor. Stakeholders at the Technical Workshop who described the conference as all important believe that an effective framework for addressing road failure phenomenon in Nigeria in Nigeria would be evolved.

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