GRAF Meet to Proffer Solution for The Growing Needs of Senior Citizens

GRAF Meet to Proffer Solution for The Growing Needs of Senior Citizens

The growing needs of senior citizens in Nigeria for medical, social and economic services and how best to cater for them, has again been brought to the attention of the government and the society.

According to experts at this Seminar, it is estimated that the increasing statistics may rise from 5 million in 2006 to 10 million by the year 2020.

Addressing the various non-governmental agencies catering for the well-being of the aged and individual participants to mark Gracefully Aging Fellowship (GRAF) six years of existence, Former Minister of Health, Tim Menakaya said aging is not a punishment, but a blessing from God.

He informed the audience that there are nature`s restorers which if imbibed on can make for graceful aging.

Senator Eze Ajoku, who is the international coordinator of GRAF stresses that the problem at hand can only be solved by a collaboration with all and sundry.

Those interviewed say, the major negative militating against the quality of life of the aged is the traditional paradigm which needs to be changed, not knowing once health status, negative thinking, not exercising regularly and eating without caution, which if otherwise are habits to practicalized in other to age well.

Former Head of State, Yakubu Gowon commended the efforts of the initiators to proffer way forward for the aged in Nigeria, but also proffers some ideologies that can be of immense contribution to advance the course they are pursuing.

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