Nigeria Joins the World to Mark World Water Day


Demand for water for consumption as well as for Industrial purposes has become a major concern in most Sub Saharan African Countries including Nigeria.

a picture of Gloria Menjivar, getting her 2012 Edmonton General Recognition Award for the Integrity category.  There were 3 other nominees for that award.  Gloria is currently a very active Steward and the Secretary for the AUPE Chapter at the EGH and has previously served as Chair of the Chapter. minister of Water resourcesEfforts by all levels of government to provide this most important resource after oxygen, has been threatened by environmental challenges occasioned by Global Warming.

The Federal Government says efforts have been made and programs are being organized to enlighten the Youth on the need for Water and Sanitation Projects to ensure availability and accessibility of water for domestic and industrial purposes. This is to be achieved through constructions and rehabilitation of dams across the country.

The Minister of Water Resources, Sulieman Adamu stated this as Nigeria joins the world in marking this year’s World Water Day. He also stated that the Federal Government will ensure availability of water for all purpose as part of activities to commemorate the 2016 World water day.

The Minister appealed for the support of  Nigeria Television Authority, NTA  in sensitizing the pubic on Government’s effort towards the provision of water.

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