Africa Gets A Clear Path To Digitization In Beijing


To mark the end of the 6th African Digital TV Development Seminar in Beijing,  African countries representatives shared their experiences, challenges and way forward as they strive to switch over from analogue to digital broadcasting.


Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Yakubu Ibn Mohammed, in his speech said working with the National Broadcasting Commission and other relevant bodies, under the watch of the ministry of information and culture, Nigeria will tackle the challenges of digitisation with renewed vigour gained from experiences from the seminar.

As the participants Shared their experiences, challenges, and the way forward, one fact resonated, StarTimes is the best partner and main friend of Africa on her path to digitisation.

Heads of media organisations of about 18 different African countries standing on the podium agreed that the roadmap to a digital Africa is clear with surmountable challenges  and along the way, learning from the Kenyan and Tanzanian experience.

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