Nigerians Should Embrace Made in Nigeria Products – CEO 412Signatures

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Oluwatimilehin Togun,  has advised Nigerians to patronise locally made products.

Togun, the Chief Executive of  “412signatures”, maker of bags, made the call in  in Ibadan on Tuesday.She said that there was the need to support and showcase Nigerian products globally.

“We need people to support and buy made-in-Nigeria brands and products.

“All the foreign products we buy started somewhere.

“It is high time Nigerians embraced their own products and are proud of what is being produced locally.

“I have been making hand and luggage bags for a while and I must say it has not been easy.

“A typical Nigerian wants to buy an imported product or designer good.

“We want to have that feeling that we are wearing or carrying something from abroad.

“This is why some made-in-Nigeria products are labeled imported because people hardly go for local products,’’ she said.

This attitude, she said, was not encouraging at all to local entrepreneurs.

Togun said that 90 per cent of the materials used in the production of her bags were sourced locally.

“Most of the materials are sourced locally because we have original leather materials in Nigeria.

“Although, few materials are still imported, especially when dealing with handmade leather goods.’’

On the affordability of materials, the entrepreneur said the poor state of the country’s economy was taking its toll on materials.

“The economic situation in Nigeria is adversely affecting the cost of production,’’ she said.


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