ICT Expert Urges Organisations to Innovate, Reinvent Operations Through Manpower Development

Mr. Yusuf Kazaure, the Managing Director, Galaxy Backbone Ltd. has called on corporate organizations to innovate and reinvent their operations through continuous human resource development.

Galaxy Backbone

Mr. Yusuf Kazaure, the Managing Director, Galaxy Backbone Ltd

Kazaure, who made the call at a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja, said innovation could be achieved in an organization through continuous staff training.

He said every organization must be in the position to optimize its experience with things obtainable in today’s world for better competitiveness through manpower training.

“You as an organization must be in the position to optimize the experience of your staff through continued innovation.
“And that innovation can only be achieved through continuous training,” he said.

Citing Galaxy Backbone as an example, Kazaure said ‘’as an organization, for us to run IT system, we have to continue to innovate, we have to continue to reinvent ourselves almost on weekly basis.”

Kazaure urged every organization to create a culture of continual learning, saying ‘’that is what we have done in Galaxy”.

‘’There is a culture of continuous learning. We encourage our staff to continuously rededicate themselves to learning new things and obtain a new certification.

“So we create a concept of continuous innovation and we also focus on training because, without our people, there is really not much you can do.
‘’The people are the most valuable resources within an organization,” he said.

He said that since coming on board as the executive head of the organization, the most important aspects he focused on were innovation and excellence in service.

‘’These two things are the things that will ensure that the organization continues to evolve day in, day out and which will also determine whatever height it has the potential to attain,” he said.

Kazaure expressed the hope of leaving the company as the most enabler of efficiency, not just within government but also an open-access provider that would serve different IT companies to access network.

‘’Part of what you have now is a situation where everybody is trying to dig and build his own fiber because there is little synergy among service providers.

‘’What we are trying to do in Galaxy is that instead of everybody trying to reinvent the wheel, Galaxy is in a position to provide these services.

“That is why we focus on innovation and focus on all the certifications that we are getting and trying to transform our people to live by those standards.”

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