FHC to Rule on Secret Trial for Thisday Bomber

The Nigerian legal system makes the courts a public place and so trials are expected to be public. But the Nation’s security has been under threat for over two years now and in order to protect those who for nationalistic reasons would wish to testify against alleged perpetrators of terrorist acts, the prosecutors of Mustapha Umar are applying to request that his trial be conducted in secret. Off course, the the defence counsel who just got Mustapha’s brief are opposed to the application. Justice Defemola Adeniyi in his determination to conduct the trial expeditiously says the trial will commence immediately after his ruling on Monday.

Meanwhile, an Abuja Federal High Court has declared as invalid, null and void all documents circulated by the State Security Service against the activities of the Peace Corp of Nigeria. Justice Evon Chukwu in his judgement ordered the State Security Service to stope the harrassment of the Peace Corp of Nigeria, declaring that it was a legal entity. He awarded N5 million in damages in favour of the Peace Corp.

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