Have you found that one thing whose absence kills you even when you’re yet alive? The thing you can’t do without? You wake up with the thoughts, you fall asleep with same? Sometimes some think you’re day-dreaming, they think it is far beyond your reach yet it is within you rather live in your dreams than live without one. They’ve tagged it as your dream, I’ve chosen to re-tag it as your OXYGEN.

Ever wondered why doctors tend to place the oxygen mask over patients sometimes? They disregard the fact that the rest of us in the world without the mask are still living and inhaling the same air they’ve got stored in a tank, this sounds pretty weird right? There’s got to be a reason behind every act. I believe we all are blessed with our own unique tank of oxygen without which we often sense something lacking in our being. Whatever it is, I will address it as your OXYGEN.

If you can unravel what your oxygen is, then you can live your life as though gravity is a mirage which leaves you facing the sky.

LEAD – [Locate it! Embrace it! Adore it! Demonstrate it] and others will FOLLOW.

Some have dedicated their lives to be mountain climbers, others teachers, some comedians, others swimmers, some rappers, others grandmasters. Don’t try to blend in, else you will lend to those that will end up dulling your star. The world does not need a crowd, just one soul that has found an OXYGEN MASK and will rather die than take it off.

If it came to you, that’s a sign that you should not rest until you’ve laid it to rest in this world. If it came to mind, it’s a sign that it can come to pass.

FEAR is common, do not let your fears be awarded double stars.

Pinocchio would have died a wooden boy but Geppetto (his dad) believed that someday he will have a soul and he did. Give your dreams the relevant oxygen they require to survive, don’t starve them!

Do not kill your dreams with your own sword, behind you is an army if you fail… then your army will be defeated but wouldn’t you rather run head-on at the obstacles than settle for less or give in so cheaply?

It’s safe to sit in the corner of your mansion and let go of your oxygen than it is to risk getting beat up when you dare the unthinkable, but remember that the only people who leave a mark behind when they leave this world are those who D-A-R-E. In the face of challenges, their only motion is forward. We have numerous names of people who have overcome such, we don’t need to mention them, the next name to be mentioned has got to be YOURS!

It’s better to fail forward than to succeed at doing nothing.

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