LIFESTYLE: The One Thing That Could Stop You From Achieving Those Goals

Have you ever started your day quite energetic and pumped only to realize mid-way you haven’t accomplished half the day’s goals yet?

It’s as if you woke up with some coffee or energy drink on your inside- only to realize something of some sort was draining it constantly. Some will say it’s a lack of focus, I like to call it more of a Focus Diversion.

I’ve had such moments. Let me explain…

Sometimes I leave home thinking immediately I get to the office i’d jump straight into my PDA and right to the most important thing or sometimes this doubles also as the hardest thing which could be prone to getting procrastinated right? Just as Brian Tracy advised in his book Eat That Frog.

goal - eat that frog

Right in that moment, I get a phone call, a text, or something that draws me straight to the 1 thing that innocently causes a focus diversion for me – My Phone (aka Zeus). It’s the #1 thing that we all can’t do without yet in many ways it could be the thing standing between you and your goals (as innocent as it seems).

When an idea pops in and gets your energy pumped, as much as you can, ensure you protect that energy and vibe. Otherwise, it can make you lose a whole lot of mental energy.

Now that we’ve discovered it, how can we actually protect our focus on goals with this cute and irresistible handy device? Simple! Just practice using the airplane mode. I understand the silent mode might work for some people just not for me because most of those calls really need to be picked (if seen). That’s why the airplane mode really works for me.

Like Nike says Just Do It. Come to think of it your phone has always got your back, its gonna stick with you!!! While those precious goals of yours definitely have an expiry date and often times are on the clock.

Let me know what you think? Which will you place your bet on that will work for you: Airplane mode or Silent mode or probably none(lol). You might even have a better way to control this focus diversion episode I occasionally go through.

Stay Mind~full
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