Trust Issues: ‘The Side-Effects of taking the back seat’

Trust Issues: ‘The Side-Effects of taking the back seat’

Do you usually have trust issues whenever you are taking the back seat and not directly behind the wheels? Before you rush to give a quick response, you might want to find out if you’ve got any of these side-effects that signify such. I love the swiftness of flights but sometimes when travelling with family and friends there’s the adventurous thrill that comes along with road trips.

Show me someone who doesn’t like to be in control and I’d take the person on a road-trip. In those few hours, one thing you can be sure of is that true side-effect of not being in control begins to show.

I’ve been on a ride with 2 people who are both experts drivers. However, whoever is not behind the wheels at that point in time usually experiences some side-effects of taking the back seat.


This can play a long way in Business as well….

As a Business Owner?
Can you honestly say that you trust your manager to handle all transactions without your content or do you often experience the side-effects of not being in charge?

As a Senior Colleague? Can you trust your junior colleague to run your unit and execute professionally without your consent or do you think you’d get screwed if you relied on them?

While these fears may not be eradicated totally, I bet you can minimise them to a great extent. Increase your trust bank. Everyone has a trust bank which is built over time. We’ve often heard that we attract who we are? If you are trustworthy, you’d most likely attract people who are. One way you can raise competent staff is to train them. Fuel them with words that show that you’re literally banking on them to make you proud.

Last month I was called upon to run a mystery mission at a store. The owner clearly had doubts about her staff’s competence and after my mystery shopping. Sadly, her scepticism was confirmed as her staff fell into her trap.

Do you struggle with trust issues with friends, staff, colleagues? You can reach out to [email protected], I’d love to give you some trust pills to help you overcome those side-effects.

Stay Mind~Full.

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