#NigeriaDecides Updates After Day 3 – 7 Things to Know

In case you missed the highlights of yesterday election result announcement by INEC in one of Nigeria’s most seriously contested elections, information and analysis contained below will give you a good head-start as the electoral processes wound up

1. INEC concluded result collation for 18 States including the FCT

2. The map below from a Civil Society Organization shows how PDP and APC stack up in Nigeria


3. The Chart Below Designed by Nana Ibrahim(@9jamiss) shows votes distribution between the two major party


4. Also from the Situation Room is the Aggregated results for all the Political Parties participating in the Presidential Election

5. And Kuti Malik(@obamalik) provided a clean graph on how the PDP and the APC stack up

6. And Deji Faremi(@deejayfaremi) resolved the results using the 25% total vote cast rule

7.  James Schneider (@schneiderhome) resolved the results along the 25% rule although fewer details compared to Deji Faremi deductions

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