Tanzania’s President slashes salaries for senior civil servants


Tanzanian President John Magufuli has promised to slash the salaries of senior civil servants, cutting the top wage threshold by almost two-thirds.

He told supporters that it is shameful that some top officials are earning US$18 000 a month while others are getting as little as US$140.

Junior civil servants would see their salaries increase as part of the new policy, President Magufuli added.

Officials not ready to accept the new US$7000 monthly wage limit should start looking for alternative jobs, according to president Magufuli.

President Magufuli has also promised to cut wasteful public expenditure in office.

The changes would come into effect in time for the start of the next financial year on 1 July.

He likened the gulf in wages to a few angels residing in heaven, while the majority is languishing in hell.

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