We Need To Re-establish The Intergrity Of Nigeria ~ President Buhari


President Buhari, Transport Minister Rotimi Ameachi and other International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Delegate

 President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in Abuja stressed the urgent need to ensure that the potentials of Nigeria are harnessed and used for the good of the country.

Receiving the President of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Dr Bernard O. Aliyu at the State House, Abuja, President Buhari declared: “Nigeria needs to work on her potentials, so that we don’t remain permanently at the level of potentials.

“If Ethiopia is sustained largely by her airline industry, we have greater potentials here. But we must move out, engage with the rest of the world, as we need to re-establish the integrity of this country. We need to rebuild this country again.”

The President recounted that for the greater part of the last 16 years, oil sold above $100 per barrel but expressed regret that the nation did n0t have much to show for it.

“In the First Republic, more enduring infrastructure was built with meagre resources. But in the past 16 years, we made a lot of money without planning for the rainy day.

“We showed a lot of indiscipline in managing our economy, and that is why we are where we are today. But this time round, we’ll do our best.”

Dr Aliyu, the Nigerian-born ICAO president commended President Buhari for strides on anti- corruption, and urged Nigeria to pay more attention to development of civil aviation.

“Civil aviation is a catalyst for economic development. The level of aviation development in any country mirrors the economic development of that country,” Dr Aliyu said.

The ICAO president pledged to support the development of the aviation industry in Nigeria, urging the country to improve on training and capacity development, aviation security, aerodromes and air navigation, runways, control towers, terminal buildings, among others.


Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity)

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    mbainyi1 7 years

    still on the last concluded Economic Submit of Nigeria , I have to say that :
    The Economy Summit that I would want us to have is the one where we all will come and submit all the property of Nigeria in our custody.
    Nigeria is broke and now needed the property(her property) to lifeline herself .

    Now what am i talking? : Am saying that whoever that had or has kept Nigeria’s money or monies for his use, for the use of his children and or his children’s , children should return them because it is stealing. in fact you cannot steal for your child, it is an abomination; a curse you personally had or wants hipped on your child/children. That is asking them(your Children) to use stolen money to continue your generations – what a stupid and mad legacy you are trying to bequeath to a child, your child – stealing spirit on them forever. If you do not return, you have ignited a furnace of fire that will wipe out your generations, because Nigeria is now praying to God to avenge for Her. by Bible Book of Romance 12:19 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’ God said, and all we need do is to constantly request God to avenge for us per Luke 18. God has been avenging by Fire – remember Elijah’s -2nd King 1:10-13‘ If i am a man of God – Let fire come down from heaven and consume …’ – (and 1st 51 persons were levelled, and he repeated and 2nd 51 gone, for only Elijah ooo). If Nigeria is a child of God – LET FIRE FALL ON YOU THAT HAD STOLEN HER MONIES AND PROPERTY, NOW ON YOU AND ON YOUR GENERATION – AMEN AND AMEN !!!!!!!!!!

    PMB should lead the submission Summit.
    By saying ‘Oh Nigeria, you have done me so well, please i have held much of your property : –

    1. As Military Governor of Bornu State – i kept N000,000,000 of your property , now please take it back to better your life and forgive me.
    2. As chairman of NNOC and Minister of Petroleum, i kept #000,000, 000 worth of your Property now please take it back to better your life and forgive me.
    3. As Chairman of PTF i kept #000,000,000 worth of your property, now please take it back to better your life and forgive me.


    After Buhari, then VP Osibajo : will say

    As Att. Gen of Lagos State, i keep back the property of Lagos worth N000,000,000, now please take it back to better your life and forgive me.

    Then the Ex-Presidents and Head of States takes turn to submit to the Economic Summit, especially – IBB, Abusalam, Baba Iyabo, Turai Yar’adua, Marriam Abacha and sons, GEJ
    The Ex = VPies – Ekwueme, Attiku, Sambo
    The Ex-Senate Presidents
    Ex- Governors: Baba Iyalojah, Ibori, Saraki, Igbinedium, Chy Boy, Amechi, BRF, Maruwa, Oyilona, Gbenga Dan. Egwu, Chime etc
    SGFs, MDGs
    All ex-this and ex-that
    Etc till the last private in the army or constable in the Police or cleaner in the office submit to the submit
    By the time the submission is over the Summit will be sweet
    Am still checking for what is the property of Nigeria in my own custody – that i will submit – may be tax, may be rate, Licences – inasmuch as it is Nigeria’s property – Submit to the Summit.
    Conscientizing collection and if you refuse to submit – Let God (Allah) avenge on you as prayed above, period.
    Agree? Or not ?
    PMB should fix a date and let us give it a trial. everybody has one thing or the other of Nigeria to submit.