IPCR Emphasizes Expertise in Conflict Management

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has emphasized the necessity for expertise in peace-building processes and conflict management in order to prevent the degeneration of an existing conflict.

“Resolving existing conflict or managing it is sensitive and the improper management of an existing conflict may be counterproductive”, is the hint given by a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) of the Institute, Mr. Andy Nkemneme who gave a 30 minutes lecture to 50 students of political Science and Conflict Studies of the Al-Hikman University, Ilorin who were recently on an excursion to IPCR, Abuja.

Mr. Nkemneme who received the students on behalf of the Director General of IPCR, Professor Oshita O. Oshita explained that the task of peace-building and managing of conflict requires many hands but that some skills are necessary prerequisite to attain success or else a conflict may degenerate noting that many conflicts have gone worse because of poor handling.

According to him, the Institute set up the National Peace Academy (NPA) in order to build capacities of people willing to practice towards the promotion of peace and in resolving conflict in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

He encouraged the students to take peace studies seriously hence Nigeria and Africa need peace practitioners and peace ambassadors than ever towards restoring the good relations that once characterized her atmosphere.

He listed some of the conflicts confronting various parts of the country such as ethno-religious, political, and resource based among others pointing out that the Federal Government through the Institute in collaboration with some development partners has designed strategies to attempt dealing with some of these conflicts hoping that adequate funds would be made available for the Institute to further spread its activities to consolidate some of its gains through various interventions.

Similarly, while conducting the students round the library of the Institute, the Assistant Director of the Library Services, Mr. Patrick Okoro said IPCR Library remains one of the best as a specialized library for Post Graduate students of Peace and Conflict Studies. He added that the library currently accommodates over 10,000 volumes of books apart from soft materials that students may need to consult in their researches.

He said the library could only receive 4 students at a time because of space hence researchers of the Institute are usually using the facility to meet the day-to-day demands of their jobs.

Source: ipcr.gov
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