Plenary of House of Representatives for Tuesday, 28th November, 2017

Plenary of House of Representatives for Tuesday, 28th November, 2017

Plenary proceedings of the House of Representatives for Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The Deputy Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Yussuf Lasun presiding

After the opening prayer, the Deputy Speaker examined and approved the plenary votes and proceedings for Thursday November 23, 2017


Hon. Kingsley Chinda brought a petition from the Law Office of Ekpeyong & Co. against the Chairman of N.D.D.C. The petitioner claims to have rendered legal services to the Chairman of N.D.D.C who refuses to fulfill the financial obligation for the legal services rendered. He asked the House to intervene.

Petition referred to the Committee on Public Petition



​A Bill for an Act to Authorize the issue from the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation the total sum of ₦8,612,236,953,214 (Eight Trillion, Six Hundred and Twelve Billion, Two Hundred and Thirty-Six Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand, Two Hundred and Fourteen Naira) only, of which ₦456,458,654,074 (Four Hundred and Fifty-Six Billion, Four Hundred and Fifty-Eight Million, Six Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand, Seventy-Four Naira) only, is for Statutory Transfers, ₦2,233,835,365,699 (Two Trillion, Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Billion, Eight Hundred and Thirty-Five Million, Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety-Nine Naira) only, is for Debt Service, ₦3,494,277,820,219 (Three Trillion, Four Hundred Ninety-Four Billion, Two Hundred and Seventy-Seven Million, Eight Hundred and Twenty-Thousand, Two Hundred and Nineteen Naira) only, is for Recurrent (Non-Debt) Expenditure while the sum of ₦2,427,665,113,222 (Two Trillion, Four Hundred and Twenty-Seven Billion, Six Hundred and Sixty-Five Million, One Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty-Two Naira) only, is for contribution to the Development Fund for Capital Expenditure for the year ending on 31 December, 2018 (HB. 1207) (First Allotted Day) — Second Reading.

Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila moved for the Second Reading of the Bill, it was seconded by Hon. Mohammed Monguno.


Hon. Gbajiamila stated that the 2018 budget is one of consolidation and to deliver on the promises and goals of the Government, and is predicated on zero-based budgeting. It is pegged on the key pivots of the Oil production, Exchange Rate and International Oil prices. The intended revenue for 2018 is also put at =N=6.6 Trillion aimed at consolidating on the gains of exiting recession. The finances of the deficit will be financed from privatization proceeds and external borrowing. The 2018 budget is characterized by more Capital Projects earmarked for undertaking and for Infrastructural development. He acknowledged some flaws as all budgets are prone to. He urged for a constructive scrutiny by Members in the House, but urged for them to look at the big picture of what the budget aims to achieve in the lives and livelihood of Nigerians. Hon. Abubakar Ahmad in contributing commended the estimates upon which the 2018 budget was hinged. He urged for improved implementation in order to ensure that the impact of the budget is felt by the man on the street. Hon. Abubakar Chika expressed worry at the rate of increase of the recurrent expenditure and deficit finance at the detriment of the Capital sector of the budget. He urged the Executive and the Legislature to sit down together and harmonize practical figures so that development can be sustained. He frowned also at the poor implementation percentage of previous budgets, and it should bring real development to the people and not palliative measures the people have become used to. Hon. Tahir Monguno stated that budgets are not praised on how beautiful they are crafted or drawn up, but by how adequately they are implemented, so that its benefits can trickle down to the people. He decried that the N.N.P.C has stated that the price of Crude Oil has improved with 18% and yet the 2017 budget still does not have a reasonable percentage implementation. Hon. Dennis Agboo also decried the poor state of implementation of the 2017 budget. He stated that it was about time that the Appropriation Act should be revered as Law that must be obeyed. He advocated for more intervention projects to identify and take care of critical needs of Nigerians. He frowned at the abandonment by the Executive of most Zonal Intervention Projects approved by the Legislators for their constituents. Hon. Isiaka Ibrahim condemned the 2018 Budget proposal as not containing developmental indices for Nigerians and also pointed out that some critical rolled over projects from the 2017 budget are still missing in the 2018 budget proposals. He also queried that if the budget implementations of previous years still continue to be poor, why is that not being addressed? Is the same ready to happen with the 2018 budget?

A Bill for an Act to Amend the National Orientation Agency Act, Cap. N64, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 to Provide an Operational Framework for the Global Initiative for Harmony Corps to Promote Inter-Ethnic Integration, Mediation, Peace-Building, Mutual Understanding, Patriotism for Peaceful Co-existence and by including a Representative of the Traditional Institution and the Youth Council in the Membership of the Board of the Agency; and for Related Matters (HBs 875 and 1047) (Hon. Lovette Idisi Ederin and Hon. Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma) — Second Reading.

Hon. Agbonayinma moved for the Second Reading of the Bill, Hon. Jide Jimoh seconded.


Hon. Agbonayinma stated the Bill aims to ensure peaceful coexistence of Nigerians. It aims to involve the traditional institution and National Youth Council with the National Orientation Agency to all work in synergy so issues can be worked out down to the root cause of the community differences. Hon. Sergius Ogun stated that orientation by individuals who people listen to should be encouraged and incorporated. Hon. Isiaka Ibrahim stated that information dissemination was very uncoordinated in Nigeria and the provisions of the proposed Bill seeks to correct that for clear and precise dissemination and understanding of information. The question was voted on, passed for Second Reading, the Clerk read the long title and it was referred to the Committee on Information, National Orientation and National values.


​Need to Curb Incessant Deaths at Railway Crossings
Hon. Akinwunmi Nurudeen Olaitan​​Hon. Jimoh Abdulraheem Olajide:

The House:

Notes the incidence of 16 November, 2017 when a train derailed at Fagba area of Ifako Ijaye Federal Constituency of Lagos State and rammed into a trailer on the railway line, causing multiple crashes among trucks and other vehicles which led to the death of seven (7) persons;

Also notes that when a train derails leading to an accident, a dangerous situation usually occurs owing to the size, weight and speed of the railroad cars which makes it difficult to take any action to mitigate the damage as the safety features in vehicles cannot stand up to the force of a moving train;

Further notes that most accidents involving trains and vehicles are caused by failure of vehicle drivers to abide by highway codes and absence of railway level crossing barriers given that most crossing locations are among the most eventful points on the transportation network;

Aware that as a result of the different braking systems of a train, the right of way is granted to the train because its braking distance (depending on its weight and speed) is several hundred times longer than that of a vehicle;

Also aware that usually, some kind of alarm system arrangements are made to keep the road traffic flowing during the safe periods and suitable bell system is provided for vehicles and pedestrians in order to prevent possible accidents;

Cognizant of the need for provision of modern railway level crossing barriers, bells, railway/road signs, signals and lights and realizing the need for collaboration with highway authorities to carry out the necessary works to increase the visibility of the level crossings in order to reduce accidents at those crossings;

Resolves to:

Mandate the Committees on Police Affairs, Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values and Land Transport to interface with the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) on how to provide railway level crossing barriers, highway codes and alarm system arrangements at all railway level crossings across the Federation to curb incessant deaths at Railway Crossings.

Hon. Nurudeen moved the Motion, Hon. Lawal Abubakar seconded it.


Hon. Nurudeen stated that the Motion was predicated on the accident involving a Railway Train and regular vehicles. If the train had derailed, it would be different, but for a train to collide with vehicles without adequate security alarms is unfortunate. Such accidents claim countless productive lives. Hon. Rotimi Agunsonye stated that a serious Government ought to always secure the lives and properties of its citizens, and the seemingly disregard for human lives in Nigeria is disheartening. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila stated that the problem is a national one and proposed an amendment that the investigation should be given a nationwide coverage and should be looked at seriously, or else there will be many more of such occurrences. The Motion was voted on and passed as amended.


A Bill for an Act to provide for the Establishment of the National Research and Innovation Council, National Research and Innovation Foundation; and for Matters Related Thereto (HB. 1139) (Leader) (Committee of the Whole: 1/11/2017).

Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila moved for the consideration of the Report, Hon. Buba Jibril seconded it.



Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila stated that the Bill was passed from the Senate for concurrence, it was debated and worked on by the Committee and the consideration was to harmonize the position of the House with that of the Senate. The Bill is geared towards the economical and technological development of Nigeria.

All Clauses of the Report were voted on and Carried.


The House in Plenary adopted Proceedings it undertook in the Committee of the Whole.


The House adjourned Plenary till Wednesday, November 29, 2017 by 11:00 Am.

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Office of the Honourable Speaker,
House of Representatives

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