DG NILS Hamalai, Prepares State Assembly Clerks for Constitution Amendment

Director General (DG) National lnstitute for Legislative Studies Prof. Laid Hamalai, in a workshop organised for clerks of State Assemblies nationwide, underscored the need for them to ensure active participation of their various states in the on going constitution amendment to guarantee effective operation of the principles of separation of powers in Nigeria as enshrined in a true democracy.

The workshop is intended to provide adequate information on the financial autonomy for State Assemblies, strategic planning and legislative development through efficient and innovative management.

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Assembly Service Commission, framework for implementation, challenges and prospects are other areas of interest.

The workshop is also providing explanations on the Federal System of Govt in Nigeria, Executive -Legislature relations for good governance at the state level, the procurement process in the public service and other relevant issues.

Participants agreed that the training workshop is timely especially now that the countrymen are clamouring for reforms that will deepen the country’s democracy.

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