I Will Concede Defeat If Election Is Free Fair And Credible -Atiku

By Abdulrazak Jimoh

Former Vice President and the Presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar said he will concede defeat if he lost in the forth coming elections provided the elections are adjudged as free fair and credible.

The former VP was speaking at a town hall platform tagged The Candidates,  jointly organised by Nigerian Television Authority and Kadria media.

Atiku Abubakar said it is not his first time of losing an election and the February elections can’t be different.

He explained his role as Former vice president and strongly denied using his office to enrich himself. He clarified his ownership of Intel saying as a custom officer the law at that time allowed him to purchase private shares. #

The PDP Presidential candidate also denied monopolizing the business as speculated in the media.He said there was firece competition against Intel mentioning some of the players.

In the same vein, the Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP Peter Obi was quizzed on his role as former governor of Anambra state where he was alleged to have used government funds to acquire shares in breweries.

Obi however denied the allegation saying he had never enriched himself with government funds rather he invested government funds that ended up yielding so much that he was able to leave a record of 52 billions in government pulse.

The PDP Presidential candidate and the vice Presidential also spoke on different issues and their plans for the country

The PDP government if elected they said will reposition the civil service and automate the public service to reduce the  corruption.

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