Anglican Synod on the State of the Nation

By Edino Justice

The Synod is held yearly where crucial issues relating to the Church and the Nation are addressed. The Primate spoke extensively on insecurity in the land, corruption, communal conflicts, disasters and the management of relief materials to victims, health and education, etc. He said since Boko Haram had an agenda enemical to the unity of the country, the negotiation of peace should not be only on their terms.

The former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon who described the theme of the Synod as apt, urged Nigerians to always examine their motives for actions because that which pleases God, pleases humanity. The theme of this year’s Synod is “Christian Stewardship”where it held that all who hold power must be accountable to God, just as they should be trustworthy, obedient, prudent and judicious.

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