Tarikatul Tijanniya in Yauri Pray For Peace in Nigerian

By Nura Tanko Wakili

Members of the Tijjaniya Islamic sect offered special prayer for peace, security and unity of the country. The prayers which was held in Yauri, Kebbi State attracted followers from some West African countries.The daily practice of the Tariqa Tijaniyya revolves exclusively around the remembrance of God (dhikrullah). like many other of the blessed Sufi paths, is comprised of asking the forgiveness of God (astaghfirullah), sending prayers on the Prophet Muhammad (salat ‘ala nabiyy) and affirming the Oneness of God (la ilaha ill-Allah).One of the  Founder  Of Sect  Shaykh Ibrahim also maintained close relations with several prominent leaders in the independence movements during the 1960s, such as Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana), Ahmad Sekou Touré (Guinea) and Gamal Abd al-Nasser (Egypt). He campaigned tirelessly for governments to respect the rights of Muslims and the oppressed world-wide. He spoke out on several international causes, such as Israeli aggression toward the Palestinians, but he was also interested in interfaith issues and maintained good relations with Vatican representatives. He also became involved in social concerns, stressing racial equality and the rights of women. In regards to the latter, the Shaykh encouraged women to “compete with men in knowledge.”

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