RAMADAN: Niger Delta Bishops’ President Urges Muslims, Christians to Live in Peace


The President of the Niger Delta Bishops and Ministers Forum, Dr Julius Ediwe,  appealed to Muslims and Christians to live in harmony and promote  peaceful coexistence.

Ediwe madé the call when he led a delegation of bishops and ministers of the region on a peace building visit to National Mosque in Abuja.

The delegation was received  by the  Executive Secretary, Abuja National Mosque Management Board, Alhaji Ibrahim  Jega.

Ediwe told his hosts that religious leaders had a duty to properly guide their followers on the true tenets of their faith.

He warned that God will hold religious leaders responsible for the spate of violence in the country.

Ediwe said that the role of religious leaders in promoting peace and tolerance between Muslims and Christians could not be overemphasised.

Ediwe  said that there could never be any meaningful development without peace in the country.

The president  called on Christian clergies to ensure that their followers shun all forms of violence, support the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari and pray for his quick recovery.



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“ I am here at the National Mosque Abuja to thank God for the month of Ramadan which is being observed in the Muslim community.

“ I want to say to Nigeria that the texture of violence that is going on in the country is the evidence of trouble coming to the country.

“ So I am using that to say all religion both Christian and Muslims should come together and pray for the peace of this country.

“ One of the reason for coming here is to ensure that Nigeria witnesses sustainable peace and development.

“ We want peace for this country and that is why I came here to the National mosque to meet our brothers to come together and pray for the country, “ Ediwe said.

Bishop John Peters, the Secretary, United Bishops and Eminent Clerics Initiative , said that the group supports the anti-corruption crusade of President Buhari.

He said :  “corruption is the biggest problem of Nigeria.’

Responding, Jega said the visit of the President of the Niger Delta Bishops and the Ministers Forum signified that Nigeria was one entity under the almighty God.




The executive secretary also said that the physical presence of the Bishop at the mosque in the month of Ramadan signified solidarity as it was not only Muslims that fast , Christians also do fast.

“ Nigeria is a country comprising of Muslims and Christians and so God wants us to be and so no nobody can separate  Christians from Muslims or Muslims from Christians in Nigeria.

“  We will continue as one indivisible nation , as one Nigeria.

“ We will also continue as Christians and Muslims living under God with love and respect for one another despite the fact that our worship format may be different .“ (NAN)

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