Ramadan: Islamic Cleric Urges Muslims to Pray for Peace

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Sheikh Abdul Ishola, an Enugu-based renowned Islamic cleric, has called on Muslim faithful to offer special prayers for peace and oneness of the country during the forthcoming Ramadan fasting period.
Ishola, the Chief Missioner of Islamic Centre, Uwani in Enugu State, made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Monday.
NAN reports that the month of Ramadan is the ninth-month in the lunar (Islamic) calendar; in which Allah instructed the Muslim faithful to observe a month of fasting.
He noted that the nation needed more prayers now than ever due to the emerging challenges.
“Muslim Ummah (faithful) and other people from other religious inclinations should join in making special and constant supplication to Allah (God) concerning the state of the nation.

“As if the trouble we have at hand is not enough; day to day we keep on having emerging threats to the peace and oneness of the country.
“This is not the time to keep quite in the place of prayer even as we go into a vital general election year.

“As Nigerians, especially Muslims, we should dedicate ourselves this Ramadan, which is a month Allah opens the gate of blessings and forgiveness, to asking for Allah’s intervention in our polity and seeking forgiveness where we have done wrong,’’ he said.
He also admonished Nigerians to shun all forms of evil, adding “people should stop telling lies to check unnecessary disagreements’’.
“Our people should copy that which is good; shun all forms of evil and sin.

“Allah gave an express command in the Holy Qur’an that we should fear Him in all we do and in our interaction with one another,’’ he said.
NAN also reports that Muslims are expected to commence the month-long fasting on Thursday or Friday, depending on the sighting of the new moon in the country.
The sighting of the moon immediately ushers in the fasting by the Muslim Ummah simultaneously in the country. (NAN)

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