2018 Hajj rites begin Sunday in Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims to move from Makkah to Rites cites in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa on Sunday 19th August/ 8 Dhul Hijja

Mohammed Ali, Saudi: All is now set for the commencement of the 2018 hajj  rites in Saudi Arabia with about two million pilgrims from across the world including about 60 thousand from Nigeria.

Hajj revolves around five sacred places in Makkah and environs.

Few hours from now the rites will begin with all pilgrims moving from Makkah to the tents in minna, enroute Arafat plains where on Monday, the 9th of Zhul hijja they will spend the day making supplications to Allah; a ritual that is a must in Hajj.

Pilgrims then move to Muzdalifa to spend the night and then return to Minna on Tuesday before going to Makkah for other rites and returning to Mina on same day.

These movements done by the pilgrims almost at the same time is so massive that special arrangements need to be made. But Saudi authorities say everything is ready.

Saudi minister of information, Awad Bn Saleh Al-Awad who conducted journalists to the cites reiterated the commitment of the kingdom to conduct a safe and hitch free hajj.

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