Ramadan: Scholar Urges Muslims to be Just in Their Daily Affairs

A Muslim scholar, Prof. Abdulrazzaq Alaro, has called on all Muslims to be just in their daily affairs, saying that almighty Allah wants all human beings to live a just life.
The scholar made the call on Thursday while delivering an annual Ramadan sermon at Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, Kuntu area, Ilorin.
He noted that people with the fear of the almighty Allah would be just in his or her everyday activities, both in his private life and while in the office.

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“Muslims should always put almighty Allah first in their everyday life. Whenever you have a plan or promise to do something, always say ‘In sha Allahu’ (If almighty Allah wishes).
‘’As this is a sign of true believer and it is only almighty Allah that guarantees the possibilities of everything in this world.
“And this pronouncement will enable such believers to be able to fullfil their promise and achieve their plans easily and successfully,” he said.
The scholar urged true believers not to overdo things and at the same time, under do things, rather, they should be moderate in everything they do.
“All the prophets of almighty Allah from prophet Adam, to other prophets and the last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are to be followed according to what they preach.
“These prophets lived a good life, in terms of behavior, devotion to Allah, but they are not perfect with their dealings, and that is because they are human like any other human being.
“It is only almighty Allah that is perfect and just, and that is why we should follow His words/messages sent through the prophets.
“Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) preach against excesses, both in behavior, dressing, and everything we do, and the only way to know is through the ways of the prophet’s life.’’
On growing violent extremism in parts of the country, Alaro said that the extremist could be curtailed in two different ways in order for them not to become violent. These include: counter narrative and alternative narrative.
“The alternative narrative should be used to advise extremists not to become violent, and this is the method that the prophet (Peace be upon him) used to curb extremist during his life time.
“The counter narrative is the challenges posed by the extremist, they will be saying, they are like this, while we will be forced to tell them, they should not be like that.
‘’But this method has been discovered not to be so effective in curbing the menace.
“The better approach is to have a plan from the beginning, let us give the true picture of Islam, as an alternative narrative, this is who we are, and this is how we practice our religion.
“We should have that in our memory, so, whenever an extremist brings an idea that is un-Islamic, they will be able to weigh it by themselves with what they know that is the truth about Islam.’’ (NAN)

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