Senate President Calls for Synergy Among Security Agencies

President of the Senate David Mark taking stock of the un-abating security challenges facing the Nation has called for soul searching between and among Nigerians in order to work out a permanent solution to the crises.

Senator Mark noted that the situation has degenerated to an intolerable level and exposes everybody to danger, adding that the continued loss of lives and property can not be a way of life.

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary Paul Mumeh, Senator Mark expressed concern over the development saying that unless everybody comes together and resolves to tackle the security problem headlong, the perpetrators may over run the country.

The Senate President condemned in strong terms the attack and killing of Police and other Security Operatives in Nasarawa State by some cultists and submitted that nobody, no Nation, no matter how weak would live to accept such a heinous crime.

Senator Mark then suggested a working synergy between and among security agencies pointing that such cooperation would plug any loopholes or lapses and ultimately yield better results.

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