President Buhari has directed National Security Adviser to convene an investigative committee on the procurement of hardware

President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the National Security Adviser to convene an investigative committee on the procurement of hardware and munitions in the Armed Forces from 2007 till now.

The investigative committee’s mandate is to identify irregularities and make recommendations for streamlining the procurement process in the Armed Forces.



Accordingly, the National Security Adviser has constituted the Investigative Committee as follows:

  • AVM J.O.N. Ode (rtd.)                          –        President
  • R/Adm J.A. Aikhomu (rtd.)                 –        Member
  • R/Adm E. Ogbor (rtd.)                          –        Member
  • Brig Gen L. Adekagun (rtd.)                –        Member
  • Brig Gen M. Aminun-Kano (rtd.)       –        Member
  • Brig Gen N. Rimtip (rtd.)                     –        Member
  • Cdre T.D. Ikoli                                        –        Member
  • Air Cdre U. Mohammed (rtd.)            –        Member
  • Air Cdre I. Shafi’i                                   –        Member
  • Col A.A. Ariyibi                                      –        Member
  • Gp Capt C.A. Oriaku (rtd.)                  –        Member
  • Mr. I. Magu (EFCC)                              –        Member
  • Brig Gen Y.I. Shalangwa                      –        Secretary

The establishment of the investigative committee is in keeping with President Buhari’s determination to stamp out corruption and irregularities in Nigeria’s public service.

It comes against the background of the myriad of challenges that the Nigerian Armed Forces have faced in the course of ongoing counter-insurgency operations in the Northeast, including the apparent deficit in military platforms with its attendant negative effects of troops’ morale.

The committee will specifically investigate allegations of non-adherence to correct equipment procurement procedures and the exclusion of relevant logistics branches from arms procurement under past administrations, which, very often resulted in the acquisition of sub-standard  and unserviceable equipment.


Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

August 24, 2015

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