Dash Cams- A Must Have For Safer Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria

Dash Cams- A Must Have For Safer Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria

There is the alleged rape story of Dorcas Fapson and Taxify driver(Henry Nnaemeka). Differing opinions, thoughts have been given expressed on social media due to the fact that the only video evidence available was only from the alleged victim, Dorcas, while the Taxify driver only issued a statement – which is never as compelling as a video evidence.

Dash camera – dual lens capability – [ PHOTO: WeConnect Nigeria – WeConnect.ng]

The case would have been clearer for everyone including Taxify if there is the dashcam video footage to back up the driver’s narrative. Which would have been possible only through a Dashboard camera.Dashcam footage has quickly become another source of evidence for everyone from drivers to police officers to the general public in developed societies. Ride-hailing companies should now be interested in the ways in which drivers are using dashcams to protect themselves while driving, as much as the passengers have smartphones to record events around them.

During disputes about fault, a dash cam could offer an impartial eyewitness account that’s hard to come by otherwise, benefiting both driver and the ride-hailing company.

There have been growing concerns regarding safety and security for road travels using registered taxis in Nigeria. Even though these taxis have been beneficial to most of us, there has also been a loud cry of uncertainty with the genuineness of the drivers and passenger safety owing from attempted reports of rape and abduction in recent times. A mere Taxi- App is no longer sufficient to keep us SAFE.

Hence the need for ride-hailing companies to adopt grave measure towards checking these trends amicably. In the past, these companies have included measures such as verifying their drivers details by means of licenses and vehicle registration and even with this verification exercises adopted by the taxi companies, reports of unsafe rides by commuters still filter on several channels especially on social media, where commuters are encouraged, especially the female folks to be armed with “pepper sprays” as part of their travel items just to be safe.

In most cases, the pepper spray has helped in emergency situations to checkmate attack from drivers during a particular journey. Nevertheless, with this uncertainty in view, an appeal to the taxi companies to implement the use of “dash cams” in all registered vehicles is, therefore, a NECESSITY to control the rise of security challenges experienced by drivers and passengers while journeying.


Serving as a small digital video camera mounted to the dashboard of a vehicle, the Dash Cam as part of its numerous advantages records the driver’s journey whenever the car is turned on and in motion. Therefore, it serves as a valuable tool for safety on the road and a good resource in the event of proceedings with the courts and insurance companies in view of an accident. The court would have sufficient evidence in relation to an accused in an incident, other variables such as measuring the driver’s and passenger’s attitude during the trip can also be adequately verified and more. It is a sure MUST to have in 2018.

Good resolution and lens quality: is very important. A button that allows for clip saving, or a g-force sensor which, when an impact is detected, automatically protects footage from being recorded over.

Good quality video both day and night (grainy night-vision won’t help you with law enforcement or insurance companies).
Do you use a dash cam?

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