We declared one-week ceasefire to secure Dapchi girls’ freedom – FG

The Federal Government disclosed on Sunday that a week-long ceasefire was declared from March 19 which enabled the insurgents to drop off abducted Dapchi schoolgirl without attack by military.

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Alhaji Lai Mohammed
Minister of Information and Culture

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed disclosed this in Lagos at a media briefing to give update and clarifications on the release of the schoolgirls in Dapchi, Yobe state.

The minister said there were no conspiracy theories as to how the insurgents were able to return the schoolgirls to Dapchi un-attacked despite troops presence,

“Unknown to many, we have been in wider cessation-of-hostility talks with the insurgents for some time now.

“The talks helped to secure the release of the police officers’ wives and the University of Maiduguri lecturers recently. And the talks did not stop thereafter.

“Therefore, we were able to leverage on the wider talks when the Dapchi girls were abducted.

“As I said earlier, the insurgents decided to return the girls to where they picked them from as a goodwill gesture.

“All they demanded was a ceasefire that will grant them a safe corridor to drop the girls. This is not new.

“Even in larger war situations, safe corridors are usually created for humanitarian and other purposes.

”Consequently, a week-long ceasefire was declared, starting from Monday, March 19. That is why the insurgents were able to drop the girls.

“This counters the conspiracy theories being propounded in some quarters concerning why it was so easy for the insurgents to drop off the girls without being attacked by the military’’.

The minister reiterated that the government neither paid ransom nor swapped any Boko Haram member to secure the release of the girls.

“This is a fact, irrespective of how a section of the press has tried to spin the story.

“The insurgents brought the girls back to the location of the kidnapping themselves as an apparent gesture of goodwill.

“This follows relentless efforts by the Government to find long-lasting solutions to the conflict,’’ he said.

He recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari had directed all security agencies to do everything possible to bring the girls back unharmed.

Mohammed said the President’s directive dictated the method adopted -Back-channel talks with our international friends as mediators, and the result was the release of the girls-.

The minister said unlike the abducted Chibok girls, the Dapchi abduction ended about a month after it occurred and most of the girls were freed because of proactive action by the government.

“As I have said time and again, there is no government that will not face tragedies. What makes the difference is how such tragedies are managed.

“President Buhari put this in perspective when he said the response of his Administration is a marked departure from the attitude of the preceding administration in the aftermath of the kidnap of the 276 Chibok girls in 2014.

“Whereas it took that administration 18 days to even acknowledge the kidnap of the girls, the current administration was responsive and was not in denial.

He said that no stone was left unturned to secure the prompt release of the girls. (NAN)

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