Security: Yobe Govt. Calls for Calm..

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Abdullahi Bego, Director-General for Media Affairs to His Excellency

Following recent incidents involving Boko Haram terrorists in Kuka Reta, Katarko and Bunigari towns of the state, the Yobe State Government wishes to draw the attention of the public in the affected areas and all across the state to the heightened and continued effort of the military and other security agencies to ensure peace, security and the safety of people throughout the state.

The Yobe State Government therefore urges that the public remains calm and vigilant.

The call becomes necessary following reports that some people in the affected areas were leaving their communities for other areas due to security concerns.

While those concerns are understandable, the Yobe State Government urges that people should not panic or leave their communities.

In meetings with heads of security and law enforcement, His Excellency Governor Ibrahim Gaidam has been briefed about the range of efforts that are underway – by the military and all the security agencies on the ground – to approach and contain any threats to security in the state.

The Yobe State Government therefore assures that the public can remain confident that those measures are intense and comprehensive and that everything necessary is being done to ensure public safety.

His Excellency Governor Ibrahim Gaidam wishes to extend his deepest appreciation and those of the Yobe State Government to the people for their continuous cooperation with the military and other security agencies, a measure that has resulted in huge security gains at various times.

The governor therefore urges the people to sustain and build on this level of cooperation and continue to report to law enforcement if and when they notice anything suspicious in their communities.

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