Bishop urges journalists to unite Nigeria

The Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese, Most Rev. Denis Isizoh, has urged Journalists in Nigeria to always report news that would unite Nigeria and promote its common values.

Isizoh, also the Episcopal Chairman on Social Communication of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), gave the advice on Sunday in Abuja on the sideline of World Communication Day with the theme: ”We are members one of another (Eph 4,25).

The Bishop said the journalist, as the watchdog has the responsibility to create ideal atmosphere for progress and development of the human society through his skills and calling.

He explained that communication was the basic human tool that helps Nigerians to connect to nations and fulfill those essential desires of man.

“Communication, which is understood as a process of interaction by using messages to generate meaning, is basically an activity and exchange that is dynamic, ongoing, ever changing, and continuous. It has no end,” he said.

He advised journalists and other Nigerians to make use of the internet judiciously and freely to build human community.

Isizoh said that Nigerians should not use the social media to spread rumours that would caused disunity in the nation.

He advised that everyone with a phone connected to the internet should be responsible for the internet security.

He, however, called on all Nigerians to support the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to build a good and virile Nigeria.

“If you know how to improve our education system help in that area, you don’t have to be in the government to provide ideas.

“If you know what to do to improve our electricity in the nation do it, is time for Nigerians to come together and build a good Nigeria for all,” he said.

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