Russian fan kisses, gropes football reporter live on TV

A female World Cup reporter in Russia was kissed and groped on the breast by an audacious football fan on live TV. And then he disappeared into the thin air after the assault.

The Colombian reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran was working for German channel Deutsche Welle in Saransk when the incident occurred.

As she was speaking, a fan came shouting where she was, groped her on the breast and kissed her on the cheek. Theran however, was not distracted as she continued reporting.

He even groped her breast

She later posted the footage of the incident on social media saying that ‘the man took advantage of it’

Her post read: ‘I was there for around two hours preparing my things and nothing happened to me. But when we were live that man took advantage of it.

‘He came at me, gave me a kiss and he touched my breast. I had to continue, afterwards I tried to see if the man was still there but he had left.

‘We do not deserve this treatment. We are equally as professional and deserving. I share the joy of football but we must identify the limits between affection and harassment.’ She added.

The man has not been identified yet as he disappeared after the incident.

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