Kaduna lights-up as ‘Centenary’ 2018 Polo Tourney enters 4th day

Tuesday sixteenth October 2018 marked day 4 of the ongoing Centenary Celebrations at the Kaduna Polo Club. The day was tagged Equestrian day and the major higlight was the Georgian Cup match, a showdown between El Amin polo team led by Mohammed Babangida and Imani Polo Team led by Suleiman Abubakar. The El Amin team featuring Bello Buba, Pedro and Santiago were comfortable winners as they scored 12 goals to Imani’s 7 goals after SIX chuckers. The event was well attended with dignitaries from all over the country and special guests from far and wide.

Today is the midway point of the tournament and is tagged ‘Gastronomy Day’ with a special celebration of food and drink being showcased.

If your’re a fan of polo or just seeking some fun and entertainment then Kaduna Polo Club is the place to be. The tournament ends on Sunday 21st October with a centenary cup match.

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